Mapalo Nutramedix drops 30 ml

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Mapalo is a powerful extract from the bark of the Phoradendron tree, used by South American natives for many generations to cleanse the nervous system.

  • Phoradendron crassifolium bark extract (Phoradendron bark extract)
  • Other ingredients: mineral water, extractant ethanol (20-24%)
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Why Mapalo Nutramedix drops 30 ml

Do you sometimes feel mentally foggy, suffer from poor concentration and mental confusion? Then it's time for a natural detoxification of your brain - Mapalo can help you with that. This powerful bark extract can help release toxins from your nervous system. It can therefore promote the cleansing of your nerves and counteract brain fog, lack of concentration and other mental ambiguities.

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Further information

Mapalo is a plant extract from the bark of the Phoradendron tree, a type of mistletoe from South America in the sandalwood family. Mistletoe has always been considered a “holy wood” by people because it gives the impression of “floating” between heaven and earth. In its native Peru, the Phoradendron tree in particular has been highly regarded by the indigenous people living there for many years. You write to him, as wellPinella, a cleansing function of the nervous system. It is said to improve cognitive abilities and have pain-relieving effects.

You have further questions?

We try to answer all your questions with the best of our conscience. If you have any further questions, you can contact us at any time.

Can you premix NutraMedix drops?

All drop preparations can be mixed together in the same glass of water. The mixture can be stored in the refrigerator for several days before consumption.

How many drops are in a bottle?

Each 30 ml bottle of our liquid products contains around 600 drops, correspondingly each 60 ml bottle contains around 1200 drops and each 120 ml bottle contains around 2400 drops. This way you can easily calculate how many days a product will last.

How high is our bioavailability?

When we say that our products have high bioavailability, we mean that all of our products are designed to be easily absorbed by the body at a cellular level. That's why we offer many of our products in liquid form.

My child takes NutraMedix products. Is the dosage different?

The recommended dose of NutraMedix products is intended for an average-sized adult weighing 60 - 85 kg. For children, a guideline value of 1/4 of the specified dose per 15 kg of body weight may apply.

Are there scientific studies and sources on the ingredients?

The sources listed serve to provide information regarding the ingredients of this product. They do not claim to be complete or exclusive.

Important information about the product description (disclaimer)

This product and its description do not replace a visit to the doctor and do not represent a promise of healing, but rather serve to provide information. The statements made are based on traditional traditions and experience and have not been proven by scientific studies. If you have serious or unclear symptoms, please seek medical advice.