Behind Nutramedix

Who are we?

For over 15 years we, Manuela and Dr. Frank Riedel, intensively deals with the influence of nutrition and the supportive use of plant substances to maintain and regain health in various illnesses. From the very beginning, NutraMedix's high-quality products played a major role. Through the professional exchange with the founder of NutraMedix USA, Tim Eaton, a friendly relationship developed with him and his wife Bertha, which ultimately led to the founding of our company.

We particularly appreciate and share Tim and Bertha's mission to support people in the poorest countries in the world. But that's another story, namely this

The 3 pillars of NutraMedix

A company that produces herbal supplements often has at its heart a single plant that is directly linked to the story and mission of its founders - a plant that is instrumental in helping the company evolve while maintaining health and well-being of its customers.

  • The manufacturing process

    We search around the globe for the highest quality materials. Once we find the best ingredients, we send them in their raw form to our manufacturing facility in the USA to preserve as much of nature's goodness as possible

  • Zusammenarbeit mit südamerikanischem Ureinwohner

    Sustainability & fairness

    NutraMedix is ​​not just a supplement manufacturer - we are an engine of giving, powered by you. NutraMedix donates at least 50% of profits to feed the hungry, build schools for the less fortunate and help those who need it most in the world.

  • The Samento Story - how it came about

    The story of how NutraMedix came about. NutraMedix could only be created through Samento and the plant called cat's claw. Read the full story here.

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