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    Here you will find the most frequently asked questions about cancellation and returns

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How much are the shipping costs?

We deliver your goods free of charge and insured within Europe for orders over 30 euros. For orders with an order value of less than 30 euros, we charge a shipping fee of 6.90 euros.

How long does the delivery take?

All goods are almost always available in sufficient quantities. Orders received by 11 a.m. on working days are usually handed over to DHL for shipping on the same day. Orders received later in the day will be shipped the next business day.
As a rule, DHL needs 1-3 working days for delivery within Germany and 5-7 working days within Europe, possibly longer. We cannot influence these delivery times and are not our responsibility.
Express delivery with DHL-Express is possible for a fee equal to the actual costs incurred. The costs vary between 16.50 euros (express parcel up to 2 kg within Germany) to over 100 euros for large international express shipments.

What payment methods are available?

We offer many secure payment methods. This includes:

  • Paypal
  • Apple Pay
  • Amazon pay
  • Credit card
  • Klarna purchase on account
  • Klarna instant transfer
  • Instant bank transfer
  • Giropay
  • Transfer

Cancellation & return

Can I return my order?

We grant a fourteen-day return and exchange policy for unopened and fully sealed goods. Paid shipping costs are excluded from reimbursement. The costs for the return must be borne by the customer, unless we are at fault. For further details see “Cancellation Policy” in the footer of each page.

How does the return work?

In order to exercise your right of withdrawal, you must contact us ( NutraMedix Deutschland GmbH, Karl-Marx-Str. 1, 15926 Luckau, Germany, info@nutramedix.de, telephone: 49 3544 557 6367, fax: 49 3544 557 6435) by means of a clear declaration (e.g. a letter sent by post, fax or email) about your decision to revoke this contract. You can use the attached sample cancellation form, although this is not mandatory.

Right of withdrawal

Who bears the shipping costs for the return?

The customer bears the shipping costs for the return

General questions about products

Why do drops have a strange consistency?

The liquid extracts are alcoholic extracts from various plants and/or plant components (e.g. the bark). Depending on the characteristics of the plants, the liquids are either clear, light and thin (e.g. Takuna), dark to black (e.g. Sealantro) or brown with solid or flaky components and sometimes a viscous consistency (e.g. Samento , Tangarana). These are all normal product properties that do not affect quality.

Wie sind die Präparate aufzubewahren?

Sowohl die versiegelten als auch bereits geöffnete Verpackungen können bei Zimmertemperatur bis zum Mindesthaltbarkeitsdatum aufbewahrt werden.
Bei sehr hohen sommerlichen Temperaturen empfiehlt sich die Aufbewahrung im Kühlschrank oder einer Kühltasche.

How are the drops taken?

All NutraMedix liquid extracts can be mixed in the same glass of water (100 ml or more) per application. It should ideally be used on an empty stomach (20 - 30 minutes before a meal). However, people with sensitive stomachs can also take the medication after a meal if it is better tolerated.
To make it easier to take when traveling or at work, the remedies can be pre-mixed in a glass container and stored for up to 48 hours and taken at the appropriate time.

How should the drops be dosed?

The dosage stated on the labels refers to an average body weight of 60 - 75 kg. For people who deviate significantly from this average (e.g. children), the following formula can be used as a guide to calculate the dosage:

Per kilogram of body weight, 1/60 of the dosage stated on the label.

Example for a child weighing 18 kg, dosage on the label 30 drops:

  • 30 drops / 60 = 0.5 drops per kilogram of body weight
  • 0.5 drops x 18 kg = 9 drops for the child

Example for a child weighing 32 kg, dosage on the label 10 drops:

10 drops / 60 = 0.166 drops per kilogram of body weight

0.166 x 32 kg = 5.3 (rounded 5 drops) for the child

  • Example for a 130 kg man, dosage on the label 20 drops:
  • 20 drops / 60 = 0.33 drops per kilogram of body weight
  • 0.33 x 130 kg = 43 drops for men

This information serves as an approximate guide only. If in doubt, the exact dosage should be determined by a therapist.

Can the products also be used on children?

The active ingredients in the liquid extracts are obtained through an extraction process using ethanol (alcohol) as the extractant. The proportion of ethanol in the total product is 20 - 24% (on average 22%). Is that a lot or a little? Here is an example calculation:

1 bottle of 30 ml (= 600 drops) contains 6.6 ml of alcohol (30 ml x 22%). Multiplied by the specific gravity of alcohol (0.8), that's around 5.3 g of alcohol. The recommended dosage for most products is 30 drops, which is 1/20 of the 600 drops contained. The amount of alcohol contained per dose is 0.26 g (5.3 g / 20).

For comparison: 1 glass of beer (300 ml) or 1 glass of wine (125 ml) contains 12 g of alcohol. A glass of apple juice (200 ml, 0.2% alcohol by volume) contains 0.32 g of alcohol.

The amount of alcohol absorbed per dose of a NutraMedix liquid product is therefore less than the amount of alcohol contained in a glass of apple juice. Therefore, it can also be used on children in principle. If in doubt, you should ask your treating pediatrician.

For people who have experienced alcohol addiction, it is also advisable to consult their doctor before use.

How do the products interact with other medications?

In general, all NutraMedix products can be mixed in one and the same glass of water. To ensure optimal absorption, we recommend taking it around 20-30 minutes before meals.

Vitamin and mineral preparations can be taken directly before, during or after the corresponding meal. Agents that can bind other substances (ultrabinder, zeolite, but also chlorella) should be used about two hours apart from the NutraMedix preparations, otherwise a A weakening of the effect due to the binding cannot be ruled out. Conventional medicines must be taken in accordance with the doctor's instructions (usually directly before, during or after a meal). Certain medications (e.g. thyroid medication) also require taking around 20-30 minutes before meals. In such a case, it is recommended to take the conventional medicine first, the NutraMedix medication 20-30 minutes later and the meal again 20-30 minutes later.

Can I take the drops with reverse osmosis water?

The Cowden program in particular states that the NutraMedix products should not be taken dissolved in reverse osmosis water. This recommendation is based on the fact that while using the Cowden program, it is advisable to drink 3-4 liters daily to promote adequate hydration of the body and good elimination of harmful substances. If this happens with reverse osmosis water (which no longer contains any minerals), it can lead to a mineral imbalance in the body. Unless sufficient minerals are supplied from other sources (e.g. fruit, vegetables, whole grain products).
The use of reverse osmosis water is generally possible provided there is sufficient mineral intake.

Do the products have a best-before date?

Products that have been on the market for a long time have a best-before date noted on the bottom of the bottle or can. The average minimum shelf life is 3 - 5 years.

For new product developments, a best-before date is not yet known because the products have not yet been on the market long enough to determine a minimum shelf-life. These products therefore have an MFG date, i.e. the date of manufacture . If the best-before date is known after a few years, the new product batches will be given the now known best-before date and the batches still on sale with the MFG date will be replaced by the new batches. This means you can be sure that the minimum shelf life has not yet been exceeded, even for products whose MFG date was several years ago.

Can the products also be used on animals?

The NutraMedix products are designed for use on humans, which is why we only have test results and studies for humans. Nevertheless, NutraMedix preparations are widely used in the veterinary field. The dosage can be based on the recommendations for use in children (see the FAQ page on our website). The therapist is responsible for assessing the compatibility of the individual ingredients for the respective animal species. We don't have any information about this.

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