Maca Nutramedix drops 60 ml

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Maca is an extract from the maca root. The maca root was already valued by the ancient Incas for its strengthening, revitalizing effects.

  • Maca root extract (Peruvian ginseng root extract)
  • Other ingredients: mineral water, extractant ethanol (20-24%)
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Why Maca Nutramedix drops 60 ml

Experience the power of the Peruvian Andes with Maca - a powerful extract from the maca root. The ancient Incas associated this special root with numerous positive properties for the body and mind. It is said to provide strength and energy, have an antidepressant effect and have a positive effect on hormonal balance.

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Further information

Maca is a highly bioactive extract from the maca root, which takes us back to the cultural sites of the ancient Incas. It was already cultivated here by some peoples around 1,600 BC and valued as a particularly nutrient-rich vegetable. The ancient Incas in particular attributed it with strengthening and revitalizing properties, which can be attributed to its high content of vital substances. Nowadays it is also known for its positive effects on hormonal balance and fertility. Numerous studies around the world are examining these and numerous other effects of maca root.

You have further questions?

We try to answer all your questions with the best of our conscience. If you have any further questions, you can contact us at any time.

Can you premix NutraMedix drops?

All drop preparations can be mixed together in the same glass of water. The mixture can be stored in the refrigerator for several days before consumption.

How many drops are in a bottle?

Each 30 ml bottle of our liquid products contains around 600 drops, correspondingly each 60 ml bottle contains around 1200 drops and each 120 ml bottle contains around 2400 drops. This way you can easily calculate how many days a product will last.

How high is our bioavailability?

When we say that our products have high bioavailability, we mean that all of our products are designed to be easily absorbed by the body at a cellular level. That's why we offer many of our products in liquid form.

My child takes NutraMedix products. Is the dosage different?

The recommended dose of NutraMedix products is intended for an average-sized adult weighing 60 - 85 kg. For children, a guideline value of 1/4 of the specified dose per 15 kg of body weight may apply.

Are there scientific studies and sources on the ingredients?

The sources listed serve to provide information regarding the ingredients of this product. They do not claim to be complete or exclusive.

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Important information about the product description (disclaimer)

This product and its description do not replace a visit to the doctor and do not represent a promise of healing, but rather serve to provide information. The statements made are based on traditional traditions and experience and have not been proven by scientific studies. If you have serious or unclear symptoms, please seek medical advice.