What exactly is the Cowden Support Program?

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The Cowden Support Program (CSP) is also called the Cowden Protocol or Cowden Treatment Program.

The American doctor Dr. Cowden originally developed it for use in cases of health problems, such as those often observed in the context of chronic Lyme disease. However, it is now also very often used for other chronic infections or unclear chronic health problems.

The CSP is a herbal application program that consists of a total of 14 different individual remedies. These are taken on a rotating basis over a period of at least 9 months. 12 of the remedies are used in drop form, the other two are capsule preparations.

The ingredients of most products come from South American plants and are therefore less known in Central Europe. The reason for this is that Dr. Cowden lived for many years with South American natives and studied their traditional medicine, which had been used for centuries. This profound knowledge combined with intensive research work and the use of patented manufacturing processes by the company NUTRAMEDIX led to the development of the CSP.

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